Thursday, October 17, 2013

Introduction to the Anime Grab Bag

Ani-Column is done from the blog. I'll still write them, but it's no longer going to be a weekly thing and will now happen randomly whilst this new weekly installment takes its place: the Anime Grab Bag.

I've been trying my hand on the episodic blogging thing, but ever since Sword Art Online, I realized that I'm just not good at coming up with something new to say about an episode every week. The fact that I keep picking shows that end up disappointing me or don't give me anything new to talk about each week works against me a bit, and whilst I thought about doing things in batches, I decided after a year of failure to combine my dropped "monthly summary" project with weekly episodic blogging in order to create the "not at all new because I've seen some blogs do his before" grab bag section. Basically, I just talk about a few random episodes I saw throughout the week and I might even toss in some older series I'm watching into the mix as well, just because. Simple, short, and effective, right?

As for what shows I'm watching this season, here's what my finalized watch schedule for the Fall season is currently. I'm shocked that I'm watching so many. Sure, some of them may crash and burn later, but this is already way better than any of the other seasons this year so far. Not to mention, my favorite anime of the season is a thousand times better than anything that aired either in the Summer or Winter season (Spring not really, if only because Eva 3.0 was that awesome). I might actually have enough anime for my top ten list afer all.


TEEKYU 3- This show is still the best in terms of fast-paced random comedy.


YOZAKURA QUARTET- Aside from the cheese shots, I'm really digging this remake. Oh, and it's technically a Sunday show, but it's not being legally streamed, so subs don't come out till later.

ARPEGGIO OF BLUE STEEL- Concept is interesting, although the execution can be lacking. Cautious on this.


MISS MONOCHROME- Thought about picking up Yowamushi Pedal, but the three-cour length is just too much of a turn-off for me. I'd rather watch this short (which has gotten better after the blank first episode).


COPPELION- I didn't think the second episode was as jarringly bad as many others, but I will admit that the climax was laying it on way too thick. It felt like that route in Rewrite where the girl was made of poison. My god the cheese was thick in that.

KYOUKAI NO KANATA- There's not much separating it from your standard dark fantasy LN adaptation other than some good comedic timing and Whedonish-dialogue (and of course, the KyoAni tropes), but it has enough elements I like to stick with it for now.

KYOUSOGIGA- After listening to the praise everyone was giving this and seeing the episode again, I think I understand the show better now to the point that I'm willing to give it more time. I don't think starting with a full flashback that explains stuff I didn't care about was a good idea, but it did end with a hook of some kind, so all I have to do is hope it's not like Penguindrum.


GOLDEN TIME- That second episode was a MASSIVE improvement on the laughably bad first one, although I'm worried given what I heard of the LNs. Still, it's fun enough.

KILL LA KILL- This show is just "pure orgasmic exploitation of so many things I like" to me. If it keeps this up, I expect this series to enter my top 30 by the time it's done.

SAMURAI FLAMENCO- Like the underlying story, but I can't get a handle of the tone. Hopefully next week changes that.

GALILEI DONNA- Why would I want to watch Valvrave when I have this awesome mess?


This is an absolute wasteland, so I'll probably be watching a movie in the theater that day.


HAJIME NO IPPO RISING- Good ol' boxing goodness.

REFRAIN- Kurugaya shattering a door with a roundhouse kick already makes this a thousand times better than the first season. And no, I'm not saying the full name, because I want to wipe the origin from my mind and pretend I'm watching a different show.

I might drop some of these down the road if they go into some really bad directions that lose me. Kyousogiga is kinda on the chopping block, Arpeggio is showing the potential to lose me, Kyoukai no Kanata will lose me if it doesn't add some more flourishes soon, and I'm watching Golden Time and Refrain with a buddy so they're staying. On the other side of the spectrum, unless I get to watching Kurobas sometime down the road (which is unlikely considering I've got Hajime no Ippo on my watch list and I don't give one whit about basketball unless it has the Looney Tunes playing it), don't expect me to pick anything back up. I have liked shows more when I gave them a second chance (like Yahari), but I've also run into way too many failures (pretty much every show that people loved during the summer season) for me to even think about giving another chance to stuff like Meganebu or Gingitsune. I will keep an eye on other people's opinions to see if they're worth picking back up, but the fact that Majestic Prince failed to hook me no matter what I tried is a pretty damning confirmation regarding how a dropped anime usually stays that way.

So yeah, that's the intro out of the way. Look forward to me talking about some random shows starting next week.
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