Sunday, October 20, 2013

Autumn 2013 Kaleidoscope

PHI BRAIN 03 - 02: Kaito, Rook: if you were in a giant room that was turning and moving aroundyou should have noticed that. I see that this series starts off well by pushing your suspense of disbelief to its limits. Everyone's taking puzzles even more seriously here. The villains are basically "mustdestroyall puzzlers in the world!! All Puzzlers must die, so let's beat them by using puzzles!" - I'm not kidding! But yeah, for the things that really mattered, this episode delivered. The characters were as fun as ever.

ORE NO NOUNAI BLAHBLAH - 02: Unfortunately a lot worse due to some bad direction and animation issues, but there still were plenty of good jokes in this episode.

WHITE ALBUM 2 - 02: Okay with this it's definitely not like the first two White Albums. The whole belt thing was a bit weird, but you can see clearly what the creators are doing right now: setting up the love triangle. The attention to build-up is admirable, now the question is whether this show can make use of it, or whether it'll just play the 'boring'-card.

LITTLE BUSTERS - REFRAIN - 02: Okay, Little Busters, I have to hand it to you: this episode was amazing. I would not have minded at all if this were the ending of the series. This is wonderful as a conclusion. You can still ruin this by throwing in some harem-nonsense, but standalone this episode was the single best episode we've seen from Little Busters, BY FAR. Well, done!

HAJIME NO IPPO - RISING - 03: Awesome: Aoki has always been an incredibly likable side-character, so I'm trhilled to see that he got an actual arc dedicated to him here. That's how I believe that the sequels are better than the original Hajime no Ippo series: it's not just about Ippo. But yeah, tons of hilarity this episode on top of Aoki being really charming, and getting to fight the perfect opponent for him.
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