Sunday, October 6, 2013

Fall 2013 Anime: What's Worth Watching

Fall is here and it's packed with some very good titles to watch. I haven't been through all of them but this list might help you to keep an eye on the most anticipated series.

* KUROKO NO BASKET 2: 2nd season of one of the best sports anime.

* KILL LA KILL: from the creators of Gurren Lagann.

* HAJIME NO IPPO: RISING: another great sports anime coming back this fall.

* COPPELION: looks pretty good, action, weapons, nuclear power plant meltdown.

* KYOUKAI NO KANATA: it's done by Kyoto Animation. Enough said.

* GOLDEN TIME: yet from another great studio J.C. Production.

* MAGI: THE LABYRINTH OF MAGIC 2: Magi is back with its second season.

* PUPA: looks mysterious and dark.

* GUNDAM BUILD FIGHTERS: well, it's about Gundam.

* BLAZBLUE: ALTER MEMORY: a lot of action.

For the full list of the Fall anime shows you can check out .
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