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Hello again !

I haven't blogged in ages , and I still have a little bit of energy left , might as well blog bout something HAHA

After reading Fiona blog her 50 facts and then another 20 , a total of 70 facts (I can do math , ay) , I might as well do it as well .

NOTE : I just type whatever comes to mind , so IDK what I'll end up typing LOL , anyways without further ado , here it is ..

* I am Christian , I believe in God , I mean , he's the one who's always there for me and there's no way I've ended up where I am today without him , it's not through luck or anything , and also , without him , I wouldn't even be here .. enough said HAHA

* I've never really liked having my birthday 'sorta' late in the year , but what can you do lol ?

* That being said , I'm still only on my L's , while a majority of my friends already have their P's .. though I did start driving bout a year later cause my mum didn't let me cause she was scared worried , I've already done 100+ hours (got bout 110 logged in) , but I still haven't had proper instructor lessons LOL

* Basketball is my favourite sport , was told I'm a shooting guard cause I usually shoot threes , but was then told that they're usually small and fast , so I'm apparently a forward ?

* I've sprained both ankles at least twice , I think I've sprained my left .. maybe four times now :s

* My worst injury was when I sprained my left ankle , I was going for a layup .. so when I was in the air , my friend was being silly , pushed my other friend into me (while still being in the air) and so I landed wrong and I think I rolled it both ways ..

* I have done so many stupid things in throughout my life , and the sad thing is , I'm only at the beginning , I've still got a long way to go .. anyways , one of them was , when I was in primary I'd always her into fights with this boy in Year 3 , I'd call him 'freckled face' cause obviously he had freckles , while he called me 'moon face' which I guess I had a really round head when I was young .. till he moved school HAHA

* From the last fact , another stupid thing was that in highschool , THAT same kid was in my metal work class , we didn't hate each other , nor did we hang out at school , but the stupid thing was that we had made this tin jug and I think I was passing it back to him , it didn't go far enough , bounced on the table and cut his lip .. smart one Gary :L

* I am now looking at Fiona's facts for ideas as to what I should type .. LOL

* As you can see , I am one of the few people that have special privileges to call Fifi , Fiona ;)

* I used to go to Chinese school , which was .. interesting , but quit after a two years . Overall it was an interesting experience , though I've forgotten more than half of what I had learnt .. learning another language is something that should be started at a very young age :(

* For an asian , I've only been to China once when I was five years old , which amazes my friends when they ask me "How many times have I gone back ?" or something like that .

* As a young child , I've been told I'm creative and destructive , I would destroy my toys , then build them again (if it was possible) , I think my favourite toys was Bionicles , where they were Lego pieces with ball joints that allowed you to create human-like figures . From that me and my brother would ask our parents to buy them whenever we went to shops like Kmart .

* From the previous post , I had created a slightly bigger than usual Bionicle with parts from 3 or 4 different models , I was pretty proud of myself when I made it , and I still have it today . Another fact , but I don't want to count it , is that I hate seeing what Bionicles is now , they're so crap now after years passed , like it uses to be an arm would consist of bout 4 major pieces and a few more to keep then connected .. but now an arm is one whole piece hat doesn't even bend .. but maybe it's cause some kids were silly and ate the small pieces ?

* My family consists of four people , my Dad , Mother , Brother and I .. aswell as our dog , a Rottweiler named Tiger and now 9 fish (we used to have like 20 , then they died .. Dad bought more , had 4 huge ones that were at least 20cm long , then they got sick and died , and now we have this many) which do not have names , though we do have this one fish which my Mum calls it "Little Silly Fish" in Cantonese , cause it's usually upside down and it swims silly .

* I speak Cantonese , not fluently enough though ..

* I can't read Chinese .

* My favourite anime is One Piece , with Luffy being favourite character .I have no idea how I started watching it or liking it haha . I recommend it to anyone who likes anime , though I must warn you , it is 800+ episodes now LOL

* My second favourite anime , which is also a new anime that recently came out , is Shigeki no Kyojin , which is about mankind which has surrounded themselves with walls to protect themselves from Titans (Giants) .

* The very first anime I ever watched was Bleach , where I saw my family friend watching it at the library and he told me what it was so that's what got me started . Over the years I've watched heaps of different anime , like Naruto , Naruto Shippuden , Deadman Wonderland (awesome anime , so crap that it stopped .. I scared Fiona with the first episode of this anime HAHA) , Magi , Fairy Tail , Hajime no Ippo (best boxing anime IMHO) , Kuroko no Basket (best basketball anime IMHO , and Season 2 is coming out soon , so excited !) , etc. etc. watched so much already lol

* I don't really have a favourite colour , as I'm usually just picking shirts to match my pants or whatever like that , but I usually just wear , blue / white / red / black / purple , the common colours ?

* I think my favourite food would be my mum's cooking lol , since you gotta eat it , and its tasty (most of the time) haha

* I flunked Math B HAHA cause I'm stupid , nah , more like cause I just didn't care in Year 12 which is a regret I will never forget .

* I don't have a favourite artist or genre of music , when my friends let me listen to their music , if it's good , I like it . That being said , it could range from dubstep / techno / electro , to something like pop / rnb / hip-hop . But what I listen to the most is pop and/or rnb , with a little bit of hip hop .

* I enjoy any movie that will keep me entertained and intrigued as to what would happen next . I think ..

* There was a time where I was considering getting braces , but when I was told that I had to remove 2 top and 2 bottom , my mum just said NO , haha , to me the only reason why my two front teeth stick out the most , is cause when I was young we had those bottles where it didn't have a lid and you pulled this rubber bit up (which acts like the lid when pushed down) to drink .. I always used my teeth to pull it up , which I guess resulted in the front 2 always pulling out :s

* Needles .. IDK , I'm fine .. I guess , cause whenever we're getting our Hepatitis B or whatever shot , I'm like "whatever , get it over and done with" , hurts a bit at first , but ohwells .

* Horror films , I'm fine with them , I mean , I'll obviously get scared , but it's always fun to watch them with friends , like when we watched Paranormal Activities 3 , it was clichwhen the Dad was filming the closet , turns around and her daughter appears right behind him .. but it's fun , me and my friends just kept seeing what scenes were "fake" .

* I think my first proper friends were in Year 1 , Alex and Bruce (funny enough , his last name is Lee) , but they both moved to Warrigal cause of the incident when some douchey Year 7's chucked a coke can and it cut Alex's head .. then it was time for me to make new friends again HAHA

* Formal was an interesting and fun experience for me , though I didn't go with a partner , we all met up at Emily's place which I think Christine planned out (which she's pretty good at planning things (: lol) , we then went in two Hummer limo's , and off to the formal .

* I don't really like it when girls butter themselves up full of make up .. some even almost looked like a clown , jokes , its more like all that thick as mascara and so much eyeshadow .. too much eyeshadow !

* I'll just copy this one ;)

I met these bunch of people at Kids Club last year and well I'm so happy I met them, they're like another family to me, I feel welcomed and loved by them. They're special bunch of people, especially since it got bigger this year. * The first origami ever made would be when our Japanese teacher (who was white and had this ridiculous temper) taught us some , it was like this weird looking flower , but thinking bout it now , I think it was a whole flower with it's stem to the top .

* Linking to the previous fact , the first proper looking origami flower was when my friend Ken taught me how to make it , it was during our "Scrapbooking" class and I got him to teach me , learnt it first / second go and have always kept making it since .. should learn another one ay .

* I don't really have a favourite day of the year , IDK .. tbh , I think if I had a girlfriend .. their birthday would be my favourite ?

* Still reading Fiona's facts for inspiration . I don't think I have low self esteem .. like if something is "cool" and "hip" , first I'll see if it suits me , if not then I just forget about it .

* Now looking at her 20 facts .. HAHA , I don't hate geckos , I remember when I was young when it was at night , and they were on the mesh bit of the window , me and my brother would flick em so they'd go flying .

* I would hate any insect that just suddenly comes out of nowhere and comes towards me .

* HAHAH , I'm judging you Fiona , jokes ! But I have fallen down the stairs before , I guess I just accidentally misplaced my foot when walking down and just fell , bruised myself but just went on about with my day .

* Only 37 facts done and I have no more ideas as to what I should talk about .. time to Google !

* If I wasn't studying Multimedia , I think I would be a mechanic , why ? cause so then I can fix my own damn car , for cheaper the price , all I would need are the tools and materials and I could just do it myself .

* My favourite / lucky number is 7 , IDK why , but it is .

* As for anime , I've already watched a lot , I've also watched a few TV SERIES , such as How I Met Your Mother , Suits . Both already up to the latest and can't wait for the next season , I've watched a bit of Elementary and White Collar , both are awesome , but need to catch up . Aswell as a bit of Breaking Bad and Walking Dead , which is cool , but I just stopped watching them , ceebs . I've also watched the chick flick TV series , Vampire Diaries , which I usually ignore all the lovey dovey stuff and watch all the vampire action hahaha .

* In primary , my worst injury would probably be when I was on the playground and someone had kicked a football , it bounced on the ground and went right for my nose , just had a huge bloody nose after that LOL

* I don't mind alcohol , wine is okay , but it's a bit too bitter ? is it bitter ? IDK anymore haha , I think my favourite would be mixed drinks , last time was when it was Midori with fruit juice , that was yummy .

* I have a slight dislike to vodka , haha , it just burns !

* I have never dyed my hair , parents would kill me , they would kill me if I were to pierce my ear as well hahaha .

* I don't know how to play any instruments , but I have "self-taught" myself one or two songs (not even a song .. just a section) on piano and guitar .

* I like driving , it's fun , but I hate the amount of people who suck at it ..

* The most pairs of shoes I've ever had , was one time when I had 5 pairs , and that was heaps already for me .. I know some people who got AT LEAST 10 pairs :|

* After eating .. I now have more brainpower ! :D time for some extra .. I might match it with Fiona ;)

* I don't like iceskating , I don't hate it either , a mutual feeling , but if I would prefer not going , cause I'll stack it .. and it will hurt .. :|

* I go to gym haha , I like working out to the point were I cannot move anymore , cause then I know I'm gaining muscle with all those micro-tears lol , but I hate the fact that you cant move anymore ..

* I don't have a routine when I go to gym , I usually do 15min cardio on bike to work out my quads , cause I have jumper's knee , then depending on what I feel like I might do some lunges , but so far I'm usually working on my biceps , triceps , lats , and traps .. IDK haha .

* I have never been to a funeral .

* I have been to two weddings and one reception to one of those weddings , if you've read my previous post , maybe my first , you would know .

* I play a few games , such as .. NBA 2K13 , GTA IV , GTA EFLC , Assassins Creed III , SimCity , The Sims 3 , Team Fortress 2 , Saints Row The Third , Castle Crashers , Skyrim , Battlefield 3 , Counter-Strike Global Offensive , Monopoly , and even Minecraft .. (:

* Related to the previous fact , The Sims 3 - I have the Expansion Packs :

World Adventures , Ambitions , Late Night , Generations , Showtime , Seasons and University Life

and , the Stuff Packs :

High End Loft Stuff , Fast Lane Stuff , Outdoor Living Stuff , Town Life Stuff , Master Suite Stuff , Katy Perry Sweet Treats , and Diesel Stuff

The only ones I'm missing are the Expansion Packs Supernatural and Pets , as well as the Stuff Pack 70's , 80's and 90's Stuff (: * I am right handed (:

* I have a total of 5 snapbacks , I have an orange and gray front THE BERRICS cap , a gray LISTEN TO THE HUNDREDS , a dark gray NIKE LA cap which my friend Rebecca bought (I think it was for my birthday) , a CHICAGO BULLS cap and a blue OBEY cap .

* I get nose bleeds a lot , sometimes I blow my nose and suddenly I get one .. :s

* I have no regrets buying my Sony NEX-5N w/ 18-55mm and 16mm , but I do regret spending over 1000 in less than 5 minutes .. =="

* The type of girl I like , I HAVE NO IDEA :L someone that we can just chill , play basketball or whatever HAHA

* At home , if I make something fall , or miss the bin when chucking the rubbish and start walking off , I will usually guilt myself to go back and fix it ..

* Some people know I've made videos , the program I have originally used is Sony Vegas Move Studio Platinum 10 and then moved on to Sony Vegas Pro 11 (y)

* I was ECSTATIC when I scored my first three-pointer , it was in primary school and back then I didn't play basketball as a proper sport , so I didn't have any form , how do most beginners shoot ? netball style - chest shot :s

* I have a fear of heights :| -poker face-

* I like to spin books and pillows on my finger , cause I can do it better than spinning a basketball LOL , it was sorta a thing in Year 12 .. haha

* I have never gone clubbing .. I might later on , but from what I've heard , it's not THAT big of a deal lol .

* I have dropped my wallet before , apparently it had like $80 in it , but luckily it was picked up by a neighbour and they kindly returned it to me , that same person is now my mum's friend lol

* Now lastly for 71 , I know it's not an even or in the ten's but ohwells , just because I feel like ending it now .. The first time I went fishing , I almost caught two fish on the same line , except I didn't really know how to .. so I lost them ):

BAM ! I am finally done , took so damn long , hahaha (: Hope you have fun reading all of that , lol , and I will prob forget to blog again soon ..

Once again .. Thank you for reading ! ;)
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