Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 Summary

And so, 2013 has nearly ended. It was an interesting year, in which a lot changed. The way I look at this blog has changed, and at the same time I have been making less posts. I just couldn't keep up with 12 posts a week anymore, however I still have my passion for anime, especially the good ones.

Having said that though, 2013 is the worst year for anime since the past decade, and I'm afraid that I need to say this. The big problem lied in the amount of series that aired. Every season had its gems, however when you look beyond these gems, that's where the problems lied: everything just looked the same, and there were lots of series that had potential, only to get bogged down by bad writing. This is the year I really realized that the way in which most anime are written is inherently flawed, with too few writers working on too many projects and people not really thinking about making anime whole conclusive stories that stay consistent. I've seen so many promising series this year that only ended up meh, when they could have been so much better, so it's really a shame to see this.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

The Winter 2014 Anime Season Streaming List

Just Like I Did For The Fall Season, I'm Doing A Winter 2014 Anime Season Streaming List, Since There Seems To Be More Streaming Places Available And Such, And Now Companies Are Announcing Dates And Stuff. Also Included On This List Are Continuing Fall Anime Season Titles. If You Learn Of Any Titles That Are Streaming Anywhere In Your Area, Feel Free To Let Me Know. Otherwise, The List Will Be Updated/fixed As January Goes On.


Tuesday, December 24, 2013

the ghost of christmas future


on tuesday night i tried watching HAJIME NO IPPO; it's nice that so much anime is available for free, but the quality of the experience is so bad that when i couldn't find the second part of episode one after two minutes i just gave up. besides, my "standing desk" made my legs tired and i was kinda irritated by the slow eating thing. it's still happening, i don't know what the deal is.

Friday, December 20, 2013

12 Days of Anime 5: 100+ Episodes of Punching and Dick Jokes

Earlier this year I decided to use the fact that Hajime no Ippo was to get a third season to shake myself off the fence and actually dive into this thing.

The results were pretty darn impressive if you ask me. Starting out, I wasn't really expecting to actually catch up on the anime in time for season 2 (which would require me to watch 102 episodes and a movie in 2 months), but I didn't take into account this show's very, very addictive pacing. Sure, perhaps it starts a bit slow, with Ippo's tale not being much more then your typical underdog tale, but that feeling didn't really last long, and by the time he had a couple legit matches under his belt, I was all in on this thing. Pretty much the biggest thing that kept me interested in this show early on were the varied foes that Ippo would come across. For the most part, this isn't a series that's content with getting the viewers behind one side by casting the opponents as "antagonists". Nah man, here we get a series that characterizes the various opponents the main characters come across as more then just cannon fodder or bad dudes (although it does this sometimes, not that this is a complaint since the matches are still entertaining as fuck).

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Winter 2014 Anime Preview

Hey all, it's season preview time again - doesn't time fly!?Anyway this upcoming Winter season is surprisingly decent looking, which is a good thing since it's cold and I don't want to go outside.These days it feels like the quality shows are being more evenly spread out over the year, rather than being clustered into the Spring & Autumn seasons - those seasons are still bigger, but Summer & Winter are definitely much more packed now than they were in the past.Hopefully the trend continues!

Right on to the preview then~!